Day 1

Be a part of 31 Days of Action to end domestic abuse in Whatcom County.  Invite your social networks to “like” the DV Commission on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Then re-post/re-tweet the DV Commission throughout the month.

Day 2

Invite a friend to attend The Mask You Live In film and panel discussion with you on Friday, October 7.  Find out more about this free event and how to get tickets here.

Day 3

Learn more about domestic abuse in Whatcom County.  Go to dvcommission.org.

Day 4

Educate yourself and your friends on what abuse looks like; go to loveisrespect.org to learn more.

Day 5

Is my Relationship Healthy? Find out by taking the quiz now.

Day 6

Read and then share the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s (WSCADV) blog.

Day 7

Attend the screening and discussion of The Mask You Live In at the United Church of Ferndale, 2034 Washington Street, 6:30 pm.

Day 8

Invite a friend out to coffee/tea to have a conversation with someone about The Mask You Live In film and panel discussion; talk about what your learned, what you felt inspired to change, and/or what challenged you.

Day 9

Ask your faith leader to share a message about domestic abuse.  For ideas and examples, check out the DV Commission’s new resource, Responding to Domestic Violence: A Toolkit for Faith Communities in Whatcom County.

Day 10

Make a date with someone you love of any age to talk to them about healthy relationships; use WSCADV’s resource cards – How’s Your Relationship? Chat about love with those you love.

Day 11

Watch the See It and Stop It video about Teen Dating Violence.  Then share it with a young person in your life.

Day 12

Ask your place of employment to implement a personnel policy specific to domestic violence. Check out the DV Commission’s adaptable DV in the Workplace Template.

Day 13

Read and then share WSCADV’s blog.

Day 14

Are you a good partner? Take the quiz to find out.

Day 15

A lot of abuse isn’t physical. Read the article What It Feels Like to Be the Victim of Emotional Abuse?

Day 16

Have you ever wondered, Why doesn’t the victim just leave? Watch the TED Talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner to find out.  Then share it with people you know have asked themselves the same question.

Day 17

Ask your child’s coach to implement Coaching Boys into Men, which equips coaches with tools to help young athletes build respectful relationships.

Day 18

Take the Cool Not Cool quiz to find out if you know how much texting is too much texting in a relationship.  Share the quiz with young people in your life.

Day 20

Read and then share WSCADV’s blog.

Day 21

Check out WSCADV’s Love Like This series that takes typical situations that occur in relationships and give examples of how to deal with them in healthy ways.

Day 22

Have you ever wanted to help a friend in an abusive relationship? Take the How Would You Help Quiz at loveisrespect.org to see how ready you are.

Day 23

Ask your spiritual community to pray for/meditate on healthy relationships and an end to domestic violence.

Day 24

Watch It’s Up to Us to Listen from the No More Campaign, and then share it with a friend.

Day 25

Set a time to talk with someone who you think might be abusive to help them notice their behaviors; use WSCADV’s resource cards – How’s Your Relationship? Conversations with someone about their abusive behaviors.

Day 26

Check out the Ferndale School District’s Response Protocol for relationship abuse and sexual assault, and ask your child’s school to adopt it as their protocol, too.

Day 27

Read and then share WSCADV’s blog.

Day 28

Attend Restoring from the Roots Up: The Lummi Victims of Crime Domestic Violence Conference – the only culturally specific DV training offered in Whatcom County. The conference is from 8:00am – 4:30pm at the Lummi Gateway Center; it is free of charge, and lunch is included.

Day 29

Play the relationship games and take the quizzes at stayteen.org.  Share them with a young person in your life.

Day 30

Listen to Act One: I Can Explain, a real story about adolescent relationship abuse, from the  What’s Going On In There episode of the This American Life podcast.

Day 31

Donate your time, money, or goods to an agency that is helping to end abuse in our community.